Friday, April 1, 2011

Oops It has been a while!

Oops, it has been a while since my last post. Life is crazy and I'm just taking it for a ride! I am happy to report I have lost 3 pounds and is still moving and shaking :) Now that Spring has arrived I been taking up swimming more and more. It is so funny how much I enjoy swimming if I could only get my lazy ass moving to do it more! I have a new motivator, Mary! Mary is keep the tradition going my joining the swim team this summer. Since practice does not start till the end of the month, I decided to help her get ready. We are going to start this weekend. It is kinda nice to have some one else enjoy the same type of sport. Let the laps begin. I know I can become more focus on my body since I have already had with my mind. I very proud of myself for going back to school even when it gets hard with family and work. I have already prove to myself I can and will, now only if I can start doing that with staying healthy. Time will only tell :) Otay....the stats.

Weight: 137
New enjoyment: Swimming
Emotion: happy
Crock pot meal: Salsa Chicken

Peace out, till the next time!

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