Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Walk the Line!

"I keep a close watch on this heart of mine
 I keep my eyes wide open all the time
 I keep my ends out for the tie that binds
 Because your mine, I walk the line."
                                     Johnny Cash

With Johnny's words I too am walking the line....just in a different kind of way. I'm physically walking my butt off. I made a goal for myself that I'm determine to lose some weight before my vacation this coming June. Since the Spring weather has finally arrived I decided it was time for both me and the my dog, Lily to get some sunshine. Since my poor dog is getting old I had to start out slow since she has very small legs and I at first was pushing her too hard. So my goal for last week was for us to just to go around the block once every day. Here it is Sunday and I can happily report we did it! My goal for this week is to do 2 whole blocks...I know wow! However, the way I see it Lily knows our limit and only time will tell. I have had many offers to do the Bolder Boulder this year. It kinda sad to have been a native of Colorado and have never participate in it :(  Yep, I think this may be the year to do it! My sister-in-law is thinking of doing it with my niece and a few of co-workers at work want to do it as well. Since I am walking the line maybe my next goal is to prepare for the 5k race. What a great motivator! I guess Lily and I better start moving our asses ( and little legs) a little bit harder :) I'm still actively swimming yet with our crazy schedules Mary and I haven't swam together. My hope is to get in the pool with her sometime this week, will see! the stats!

Emotion: Hopeful
Weight: 137 ( no change however not discourage)
Exercise Buddy: Lily
Goal: Bolder Boulder??? Will see!

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