Friday, August 19, 2011

Holy Moly!

It has been forever since my last blog! Funny to read my last blog since I did not meet my goals. I ended up getting very sick with stomach issues and was unable to walk the Bolder Boulder...oh well there is always next year :) The nice thing about having stomach issues is I have lost a quite bit of weight. I am happy to state I am back to healthy weight and my hope is to stay not gain any back! Although it is still consider summer and I just finished my summer time to get back in the grind. My girls are back in school and I start the fall semester next week. My new goal is to not take so many hours at work and to only focus on my schoolwork and family. Find a way to keep the stress down. Janis, think of the beach.....oh the wonderful and peaceful beach!

My pic from our vacation to Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

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